Learn to draw a unique masterpiece to hang on your wall.

Find the extraordinary in the ordinary at this still life drawing class!

In this beginner-friendly workshop, you’ll be guided step by step by a friendly expert through the process of observing and sketching everyday objects using textures, composition and scale. You’ll no doubt be amazed by the creativity and diversity of your team’s creations!

This workshop is designed to promote creative thinking, problem-solving and team-building skills and is based on The Art of Creative Thinking model® that challenges automatic-thinking patterns to encourage authentic personal and social expression.

Life drawing goes beyond the realm of artistry—it encourages focused observation, attention to detail, and the development of patience. These skills seamlessly translate into the corporate world, fostering qualities such as keen observation, meticulousness, and perseverance, all of which contribute to a more productive and cohesive team.

Learning outcomes:

Problem solving

Critical / Creative thinking

Expending point of views

Learning outcomes:

Aus: Victorian curriculum

“I think we all have a great night on Tuesday and everyone enjoy such a different experience from our usual social event (e.g. lasertag or GO Kart). I will definitely do the review online and refer this to our colleagues whoever are looking to organise this kind of social event.
Again, thanks you so much for the loving night that your instructors have brought to us and hopefully we will have you guys coming again in the future”

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