Unleashing Creativity & Inspiring Community

Want to know what exciting community art events are happening in Melbourne?

Melbourne is a city known for its thriving art scene, diverse cultural events, and engaging council initiatives.

At Dya Australia, we believe in the power of creative thinking and artistic expression to inspire and transform.

Our carefully curated workshops are suitable for both children and adults to unleash their imagination, discover new talents, and explore the limitless artistic possibilities. From painting and sculpture to mixed media and digital art, our workshops and activations offer a diverse range of mediums and techniques to suit every artist.

Dya Australia is committed to fostering community engagement that goes beyond workshops. We actively collaborate with local councils to bring you a wide array of exciting council events. From community festivals that celebrate diversity and inclusivity to neighbourhood gatherings that strengthen social bonds, these events create opportunities for connection and dialogue among residents. We specialise in crafting exceptional experiences for councils and production companies alike. Our dedicated team understands the intricacies involved in organising large-scale events and is committed to collaborating with you every step of the way. From conceptualisation to execution, we offer comprehensive event planning and management services, ensuring that your vision is transformed into a reality that exceeds expectations.

Join us on your journey of art and community engagement. Stay updated on the latest events, workshops, and activations in Melbourne. Together, let’s unlock your creativity and inspire a lifelong love for art and creativity.

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We can come to you in Victoria, we can host you in our studio at Port Melbourne or we can ship all the materials needed to you and run the workshops online.

We can work in large numbers in an activation or a theme days but mostly we work in smaller groups – like a classroom of 25 children.

This will depends on the distance, number of classes, number of students in each activity etc. We will make sure to match the appropriate team to your needs.

Our instructors are educators with art and teaching background, holding working with children certification but they are not school teachers.

The sooner, the better! but we might be able to accommodate you last minute if needed so reach out to find out our availability.

Absolutely, go to (link to the page) to find out more about our PD and team building for school staff.

That depends on your needs! we can customise any of our services to match the timeline and your bell times.

All we need are tables and chairs, easy! we bring the rest.

Experience creative art workshops at your school to develop the Art of Creative Thinking.

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