The Art of Perception: Artistic Perception and Self-Expression Workshops in Melbourne

February at Dya Australia was a journey into the depths of ‘Eyes and Perception.’ This month, we explored how the eyes not only see but also communicate, interpret, and even feel. Join us as we look back at the insightful explorations and activities that illuminated this theme.

Corporate Program Highlight: Unleash Your Inner Picasso – A Journey Through Perception

Discover a new perspective on art and self-expression with our ‘Unleash Your Inner Picasso’ workshop, a transformative journey inspired by the Cubism movement.
In this workshop, you’ll create a Cubist-inspired portrait, pushing the boundaries of traditional art and perception. Guided by skilled instructors, you’ll explore painting techniques that bring out multiple viewpoints in a single creation.
This experience is more than an art class; it’s a chance to foster innovative thinking and embrace diverse perspectives, enhancing your team’s ability to tackle challenges creatively and from various angles in the workplace


Educational Program Highlight: Pop Art Self-Portraits – A Perception of Self and Society

Experience the dynamic world of Pop Art in our workshop, where students embark on an artistic and introspective journey of self-discovery.
Focused on creating self-portraits, this program encourages students to delve into their personal identities and self-perception. Utilizing elements of Pop Art, students’ ‘selfie’ artworks transcend conventional portraits, reflecting their unique personalities and internal narratives.
The workshop culminates in a collaborative group collage, merging individual expressions into a collective representation of group identity. This immersive process not only fosters personal growth but also enhances understanding of the intricate relationship between individual and collective perceptions in art and society.

Connect With the Past, Create in the Present

February at Dya Australia was centered around ‘Eyes and Perception,’ exploring how art shapes our understanding of self and others. Our workshops delved into Pop Art and Cubism, guiding participants to express their identities through creative exploration. This artistic journey emphasised the transformative role of perception in personal and collective expression.

Art Exploration Challenge: A Community Endeavour

What artwork made you pause in a moment of eye-to-eye connection? This February, we challenged you to find that piece of art that resonated with your soul, evoked inspiration, or stirred hope. Our community shared stunning photos and stories of these artistic encounters.
This challenge encourages both the community and students to engage with art in a way that deepens their understanding of self and societal perception, fostering an appreciation for the diverse perspectives that shape our world.


Through the lens of ‘Eyes and Perception,’ February at Dya Australia was a testament to the power of art to transform, communicate, and inspire. As we move forward, we carry these insights and perspectives with us, continuing to explore the boundless realms of creativity and expression

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