Pop Portraits: Unleashing the Power of Personal Expression

Pop Portraits: Unleashing the Power of Personal Expression

Inspired by the dynamic movement of Pop Art, this workshop will engage students in a thoughtful exploration of self-portraits. Through the lens of personal identity, students will harness their creative thinking skills to develop a unique “selfie” artworks that delve into the complexities of self-expression.

As the workshop progresses, students will have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers by transforming their individual creations into a group collage, unified by a common theme that explores the concept of group identity. This collaborative endeavour will foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the interplay between personal and collective expressions in art.

Learning outcomes:

Students will analyse and interpret artworks that explore personal and group identity, gaining insights into how artists express these concepts.

Students will design and create their own self-portrait, using elements of Pop Art and personal identity to express their unique perspectives and emotions.

Students will collaborate to create a group collage, combining their individual artworks into a visually cohesive representation of group identity.

Students will demonstrate teamwork and collaboration skills.

Learning outcomes:

This workshop can be offered as both an incursion and excursion.

Aus: Victorian curriculum

Personal and Social Capability

Relationships and Diversity


Critical and Creative Thinking

Questions and Possibilities

Visual Arts

Explore and Express Ideas

Visual Arts Practices

Respond and Interpret

Present and Perform

VCE Study Design

Art Making and Exhibiting

Unit 1: Expand, Explore, Investigate

Unit 2: Develop, Resolve

Creative Practice

Unit 1: Artists, Artworks and Audiences and The Creative Practice

Unit 2: Artists, Society and Culture and The Collaborative Creative Practice

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