Corporate Programs

Reward your team with a live paint and sip class, where they can paint, drink, and reconnect with one another.
Unleash your inner artist over a glass of wine or a cold beer in a laid back and inviting atmosphere. Join us
Whether you're looking for special gathering of communities, art therapy, creative time with parents and children or school holidays activities, head to
In this easy, introductory session, attendees will explore the fundamental techniques of watercolour painting step by step with guidance from a friendly
Whether it is a mural, communal artwork, urban space redesign, one off workshop or a special event, we are able to create
Inspired by the playful and innovative genius of Pablo Picasso, we will dismantle and put together the reality to create your team's
In this beginner-friendly workshop, participants will be led through the process of creating their own masterpiece. You'll have the opportunity to choose
Guided by our skilled instructors, we'll delve into the world of palette knives, a distinctive and en vogue painting technique. Through expert
Our thoughtfully designed team-building workshops are specifically targeted at enhancing creativity, fostering positive workplace relationships and improving organisational culture. Engage with this
In this beginner-friendly workshop, you'll be guided step by step by a friendly expert through the process of observing and sketching everyday
In this workshop, we'll incorporate materials sourced from the natural world, such as twigs, leaves, and branches, to handcraft decorative clay bowls.
Unleash your creativity as we guide you through the process of turning ideas into visual creations. Discover the power of art as
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