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Dya The Art of Creative Thinking Model™

Dya The Art of Creative Thinking Model™ (1999)

This unique model challenges automatic thinking patterns to encourage authentic personal and social expression.
Practicing the Art of Creative Thinking in daily life opens the door to original creation, promotes personal empowerment and inspires participants to take an idea from thought to reality.

To Observe

Eye Level

Encouraging cultural awareness, and enhancing inclusiveness and feelings of belonging, we provide tools to break free from old paradigms. Providing a foundation for cross-cultural business practices, we encourage flexibility and adaptability, challenging restricted thinking and opening the mind to a global perspective.

To Doubt​

Deep Level

Technology and automation are all around us, but at the Deep Level we focus on employee-driven innovation. When it comes to strengthening imagination, we must allow room for unconventional thinking. Here, we inspire true invention and nourish creativity by leveraging new kinds of critical thinking and problem-solving allowing for effective, pioneering decision-making.

To Experience

My Level

By gamifying activities and learning, we inspire shared values and nourish creative outcomes in teams.  At My Level, we focus on a joint vision and mission blurring the lines between the individual and the collective.  Here, we encourage flexible thinking as we strengthen empathy and emotional intelligence abilities to improve cohesion and connectedness.

Was developed by the co-founders of Dya and is based on scientific research and deep analysis of factual case studies.

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Experiential discovery workshops for developing the Art of Creative Thinking.

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