With DIY craft kit delivered to you

Reward your team with a live paint and sip class, where they can paint, drink, and reconnect with one another.

Reconnect your remote team with a live streaming paint and sip class!

Now, more than ever teams need to be creative, providing innovative solutions and ideas. What better time to introduce The Art of Creative Thinking to your team than the present? 
Research shows that creative experiences contribute to personal achievement. 

Let your team enjoy, challenge, and nurture their creative spirit while they doing their hard work at home. A painting instructor will guide them through the session, and at the end, they’ll have their own artwork to keep.

Art is linked to emotional well-being. Practising daring in an unfamiliar field with a non-judgmental supportive environment, allows participants to enable the breaking of personal boundaries and enhances a sense of ability that will resonate with the work environment. 

Group size:

10-50 people

Suitable for:


Soft Skills areas

Time management


Open mindedness / Inclusiveness

Problem solving

Critical / Creative thinking

"Computers are to art as microwaves are to cooking."

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