“My View” Students Activation Event at Swinburne University: Case Study

Swinburne University

In late February, Dya Australia had the privilege of conducting a thought-provoking activation event at Swinburne University. This event, part of the university’s “Welcome Back Week,” was a vibrant celebration aimed at welcoming students back to campus and fostering new connections.

Engagement and Planning

The journey began in January when the Events & Experience Officer at Swinburne reached out to us. Understanding the university’s goal to enhance student experience, our creative team at Dya Australia and International worked closely with Swinburne to tailor a suitable community activation. We pride ourselves on our ability to customise our services, and for this event, we chose the “My View” Landscape Expressions workshop.

“My View” – Landscape Expressions workshop

My View

By exploring and creating landscape artworks, they connected their learning to personal and environmental identity. This hands-on approach enhanced their understanding of artistic expression and techniques, allowing for a personal interpretation of landscapes. The practical experience of curating and promoting an art show also gave students insight into the broader art world. This workshop not only nurtured their artistic skills but also fostered critical thinking, collaboration, and personal growth, aligning perfectly with the educational objectives of Swinburne University.


Innovative Workshop Delivery

Swinburne Activation event

At the Swinburne University event, Dya Australia showcased our unique blend of technology and art. We designed an interactive video guide that illustrated each step of the artwork creation process. This innovative approach allowed students to join in at any time, facilitating participation for hundreds of attendees throughout the day. By combining technology with artistic expression, we not only maximise engagement but also provided a dynamic, inclusive environment. This method highlighted our commitment to making art accessible and engaging, truly setting us apart in the field.

Feedback and Impact

Post-event, the positive feedback was overwhelming. The Events & Experience Officer honoured us with a 5-star Google review, appreciating our seamless event management and expressing eagerness for future collaborations. This feedback underscores our commitment to providing high-quality, engaging art experiences.

Why Choose Dya Australia?

At Dya Australia, we specialise in creating immersive, creative experiences that resonate with our community. Our hands-on workshops are designed to be inclusive, engaging, and suitable for all skill levels. Whether it’s a large-scale event or a small workshop, we bring the same level of passion and excellence.

Interested in bringing a unique art experience to your event or community? Visit our Community Engagement Workshops page for more information and reach out to us to discuss how we can make your event unforgettable.

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