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In the bustling corporate landscape of Melbourne, Seek’s Customer Service Team embarked on an extraordinary journey of creativity and teamwork. Dya Australia™ had the honour of facilitating the “One and All Collaborative Mural Workshop”. Initially planned as an end-of-year celebration, rescheduling to 2024 provided the perfect kickoff for the year, transforming the event into an epitome of Melbourne corporate team building.

Workshop Overview

seek workshop 

The journey to this creative milestone began with an enquiry from Jayden. Seek’s Customer Experience Lead. While initially interested in a different theme, however after discussion with the Dya’s innovation team, Seek management settled on a collaborative mural workshop, aligning perfectly with Seek’s values of Passion, Delivery, Team, and Future. Held at their headquarters near Richmond, this event was a tailoured embodiment of creative activities for teams, designed to reflect and celebrate Seek’s ethos.



Preparation, Coordination and Workshop Theme

workshop preparation

In the days leading up to the event, seamless coordination between Jayden and the Dya Australia™ team ensured swift ingress and egress, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. The excitement and anticipation were palpable, setting a positive tone for the workshop.

Embracing the innovative spirit of Picasso and Cubism, the workshop encouraged participants to connect, choose, dare, share, and enjoy. This theme was chosen not only for its artistic appeal but also for its resonance with the company’s mission – a metaphor for viewing challenges from different perspectives, much like Cubism.

Collaborative Workshop Process

mural workshop

The 3 hour workshop, designed for around 70 participants, was a vibrant display of teamwork. The group was involved in every step – from planning and discussing to painting, culminating in large canvases that now grace the walls of their office, symbolising a collective masterpiece of unity and shared vision.

The “One and All” mural workshop went beyond just being a corporate team-building activity in Melbourne. It was a journey of self-expression, collaboration, and shared accomplishment. The participants’ smiling faces, captured in the event images, spoke volumes about the fun and engagement throughout the activity.

This event not only strengthened team bonds but also left a lasting artistic symbol of unity in the workplace, aligning perfectly with the company’s values. The success of this workshop is a testament to the power of creative activities in fostering teamwork and innovation in corporate settings.


Impact and Reflections of the One and All Workshop

The “One and All Collaborative Mural Workshop” by Dya Australia™ stands as a shining example of how creative workshops for teams can transform corporate team building in Melbourne. It demonstrates the unifying power of art and collaboration, leaving an indelible mark on the participants and the company culture.

Inspired by the success of Seek’s team at our collaborative mural workshop? Your team can experience this transformative journey too! Explore our range of creative activities and workshops, each designed to foster teamwork, innovation, and a shared sense of accomplishment.

Discover more about our programs here and start planning an unforgettable team-building experience in Melbourne. For more information or to discuss a customised workshop that aligns with your team’s unique values and goals, please contact us.

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