The Art of Time: January’s Creative Exploration at Dya Australia

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Exploring the concept of time, Dya Australia’s art and creative thinking workshops in Melbourne offer unique opportunities for team building and educational enrichment. Our programs, tailoured for both the corporate sphere and schools, foster creative thinking and collaboration through art.

Team Building Through Art: Picasso Mural and More

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For corporate groups looking for team building activities in Melbourne, consider our Picasso Mural workshop. This activity not only encourages teamwork but also provides a creative outlet for colleagues to connect and express themselves. Our diverse range of workshops, such as Paint in the Dark© and Watercolour Botanica, are perfect for enhancing team dynamics and fostering a creative mindset within the corporate environment.



School Workshops: Enriching Melbourne’s Young Mind

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Schools can benefit from our workshops, such as Digital Landscape Painting and Riding on a Beam of Light, which are designed to complement educational curriculums. Our school workshops in Melbourne encourage students to think creatively and work collaboratively, enhancing their learning experience and social capabilities. By integrating the arts into the educational process, we provide a platform for students to develop creative and critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging manner.


Connect With the Past, Create in the Present

Embrace the rich history of art and its connection to the concept of time. Our workshops invite participants to delve into the past works of great artists like Picasso and Dali, and draw inspiration for their own creations. This approach not only deepens the understanding of art history but also demonstrates how historical contexts can influence modern creative expression.

Sundial Snap Challenge: A Community Endeavour

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Extend an open invitation to the community to participate in the Sundial Snap Challenge, capturing the transient beauty of time’s passage.
This initiative can inspire community members and students alike to observe and document the interplay of light and shadow, fostering an appreciation for the natural rhythm of time.

creative exercises

For more details on the educational and corporate programs offered by Dya Australia, interested individuals and organisations can explore the various workshops and activities available by visiting the Dya Australia education programs and corporate programs web page.
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