Year 4-6

Rediscovering the Secrets of Printing.
What do Picasso, Adobe, and AI have in common?
Innovation and imagination of breakthrough inventors!
This workshop will see student embark on an enlightening exploration of self-expression through the realm of art. Through the examination of self-portraiture,
This workshop focuses on rhythm in art and introduces students to the language and techniques of visual art. They will immerse themselves
In this workshop students will explore a variety of landscape artworks as a means of expressing their physical environment and personal identity.
In this immersive and engaging glow-in-the-dark painting workshop, students will experience a unique blend of creativity, self-expression, and wellbeing. They will have
This workshop provides an immersive and engaging experience designed to promote teamwork, problem-solving, and STEAM education, all while incorporating the element of
In this workshop, students will have a unique opportunity to engage with an accomplished artist who will guide them through the different
Step into the captivating world of printmaking and uncover the historical methods of reproduction used in art. This workshop invites students to
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