Dya Australia Has Reached New Heights in 2022, Let’s Recap

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2022 has by far been the busiest year. With offices and schools reopening, every individual and business has gone through a variety of ups and downs to get back to their routine. It was quite a challenging year for Dya too, but like everyone else, we pushed through and continued to achieve success beyond our […]

How Does Creative Training Dismantle Barriers?

How does creative training dismantle barriers? By Diti Avdar Yeger When we need to find solutions to new situations, and even though we really want to give the best of ourselves, we struggle to find solutions that will lead to our advancement. The dive into an unfamiliar field and the need to get acquainted with it, […]

Looking Onward and Seeing Inward – Dya Australia

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Looking Onward and Seeing Inward By Diti Advar-Yeger Since 1999 I have been practicing, learning, investigating, developing and facilitating an exercise as part of The Art Of Creative Thinking, with the aim of uncovering the potential of my inner resources.  As the sculptor carves into the marble to reveal the sculpture within, so it is with […]

The Way to Discovering the Way

By Diti Avdar Yeger At every given moment I find myself on a journey to self discovery.  It begins with planning my daily schedule, and extends to the deeply existential level of considering my place in the world.  This may sound like an illusive quest, but in reality it is a space and place in which […]

The Importance of Self-reflection – Dya Australia

How To Observe My Own Reflection By Diti Avdar Yeger What is self-reflection? Recently, while going shopping for clothes with my teenage daughters, I discovered that one of their favourite activities takes place in the fitting room. This is a place where all options are taken into consideration. This small booth expands and grows as time […]

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