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Looking Onward and Seeing Inward

By Diti Advar-Yeger

Since 1999 I have been practicing, learning, investigating, developing and facilitating an exercise as part of The Art Of Creative Thinking, with the aim of uncovering the potential of my inner resources.  As the sculptor carves into the marble to reveal the sculpture within, so it is with other elements that are hidden in plain sight.

Over the years I have encountered, both personally and through the experiences of friends and students, the judgment and internal criticism that silences us, appearing in both obvious and obscure ways, presenting itself in different shades and facades.  ‘I’m not interested’, ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I have no talent’, ‘why do I need this’ and on it goes.

As children, we enjoy creating, expressing every emotion and experiencing the sense of wonder and discovery.  Throughout life, we lose the same sense of open-mindedness and confidence to express ourselves in a visual manner.  Why does fear trump our curiosity? When did we forget that visual expression forms part of our reservoir of inner strength?

Experts in the fields of society, culture and education emphasize the importance of using the language of visuals to promoting self understanding and both a comprehension of, as well as the integration within a world that is dynamic and constantly changing.

During these times of lockdown, we find ourselves living within a variable reality, requiring sturdiness and creativity, as well as increasing the emphasis on mutual support and strength.

At Dya, The Art Of Creative Thinking re-awakens the joy of discovery that has faded over the years.  Through practice, we develop personal references, akin to a pulse clock that checks our internal rhythm.  When we engage in the process of creating, our focus is on the external object, while simultaneously observing ourselves internally.

The hand becomes the seismograph for rhythm and the creative tool (pencil, texta, brush) transmits the same internal range to the page. The practice generates growth in the manner of personal, social and corporate development.

In the spirit of current times, we, Dya The Art Of Creative Thinking, are preparing for a 21 day challenge in The Art Of Creative Thinking, which will commence on the 1.1.21.  Details to come.


This post is dedicated to Sir Ken Robinson, who sadly passed away in August 2020.

He contributed to raising awareness of creativity as a meaningful contributor to personal growth and development.

Watch Sir Ken Robinson Ted Talk: Do Schools Kill Creativity?
Diti Advar-Yeger is the Content and Creative Director for Dya Australia.  Since 1999, she has developed and facilitated programs for Creative Thinking amongst gifted students and adults through Dya Israel.  She has also developed and lead courses and workshops for children, adolescents and adults at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.
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