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The Art of Creative Thinking Model ™

Modern life is undergoing a period of rapid change which challenges us to observe and adapt to its ever-changing landscape.

“You can’t just talk about creativity; you must fully experience it.”

(Diti Avdar Yeger, Dya Co-founder).

The Dya Art of Creative Thinking Model™ challenges automatic-thinking patterns to encourage authentic personal and social expression.

The Art of Creative Thinking Model™ (1999)

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To Observe

Eye Level

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Embracing ideas and insights, seeking varied perspectives to break through limiting boundaries of reasoning. This workshop format supports and empowers originality and boldness.

To Doubt​

Deep Level

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Processing ideas in a timeless journey through the ages with humanity’s pioneer experts and thought leaders (Bach, Fosbery, De Vinci). Doubting encourages high-level, integrative thinking and increased tolerance and understanding of the other.

To Experience

My Level

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An experiential learning activity from abstract idea to completed product. Commitment and focus on creation through enhanced thinking capacity, leaving behind your unique imprint.

Was developed by the co-founders of Dya and is based on scientific research and deep analysis of factual case studies

Experiential discovery workshops for developing the Art of Creative Thinking.
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