Dya Australia Has Reached New Heights in 2022, Let’s Recap

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2022 has by far been the busiest year. With offices and schools reopening, every individual and business has gone through a variety of ups and downs to get back to their routine. It was quite a challenging year for Dya too, but like everyone else, we pushed through and continued to achieve success beyond our goals. As you may all know, we at Dya Australia specialise in providing creative thinking workshops for individuals, and educational organisations. This past year, Dya Australia – The Art of Creative Thinking has diversified offerings keeping our market’s needs in mind. From doing large-scale workshops to attending expos, from planning corporate pop-ups to curating specialised learning outcomes for schools, from hosting one-of-a-kind painting parties to introducing niche packages for individuals and groups – Dya Australia has done it all.


Offsite training We believe that every team must have the flexibility to avail the benefits of creative training irrespective of their busy schedules. So along with our virtual team-building workshops, we at Dya Australia have designed an offering for those corporates who wish to do a creative team-building session in the comfort of their workplace in Melbourne. Having hosted 50+ offsite events over the last year, Dya Australia takes pride in helping teams build crucial skills like creative problem-solving, increase their cognitive abilities and form lasting relationships. Some of the companies we have worked with are Medibank, Seek, F45, Victoria Police, and more. Collective Mural  One size never fits all – at Dya Australia we strongly believe that every team’s dynamic and requirements are different from the other and hence we introduced Collective Mural. This team activity is essentially focussed on providing a platform for individuals in a team to think differently, this workshop helps enhance individuals’ curiosity and creativity by putting both their mental and physical capabilities to the test. Be it painting on a wall or on canvas – this workshop design has helped clients like Merry People and Victoria Police increase productivity and employee satisfaction at workplace. Expanding into a bigger studio  That is right. With 2022 being the busiest year, we have seen immense potential in bringing Dya to everybody. The big reason? We are growing – In the number of clients, In revenues, In the number of employees and this growth means we can cater to all sizes of groups, making us the one-stop solution for all corporate, educational, and individual creative well-being needs. We have introduced Open studio sessions for individuals and groups to engage in self-guided and self-paced recreation while paying only for the materials they use. Furthermore, we have also expanded to studio hire for groups with the freedom to design and organise their events.


Educational Summit  Being informed is crucial, helps us keep up to date with industry trends and helps catering understanding clients. This past year Dya Australia has had the privilege to attend 2-day 2022 Educational Summit where we got the opportunity to recognise best industry practices while introducing Dya to 500+ attendees including schools, staff and educational administrations. Melbourne Uni Art Party  When Melbourne University Student Union House reached out to us concerned about facing the issue of disengaged students feeling isolated and removed from their student communities, our creative team at Dya Australia planned and organised a 4hour art wellbeing party where the students could form lasting relationships with fellow students while breaking inhibitions and innovating creative solutions individually and as a group. This Art Party was a true success to Dya Australia upon yielding tangible results among students. Children and Youth Workshops  Being an educational training company, we at Dya Australia take pride in working with schools in Victoria. Our innovative primary and secondary school programs have pushed students towards applying knowledge in new domains and making connections to create something entirely new. These hands on workshop activities have provided students the opportunity to be creative and explore ideas that are unconventional, or from a new perspective via art.


Warehouse UV party  Our sister company – Paint for Fun has also had a tremendous year. With Paint in the Dark being a huge hit among our customer base, we have taken it to the next level by hosting a Warehouse UV Party with 100+ attendees with toxic free fluoro paints, DJ, UV lights set up and drinks. It was a huge hit where everybody immersed in creative recreation while making new friends. Life Drawing  This year, we have diversified into the horizon of Life Drawing – This does not just entice our clients with an interesting view but also helps in learning technical drawing skills to capture the naked male form and bring your sketch to life. We at Dya Australia have always believed, creativity is at its best when paired with recreation, and so Life Drawing has been a real game changer for Paint for Fun. We now proudly cater to niche groups who would like to amp up their game. Party Packages  Paint for Fun was primarily known for recreational paint and sip classes until we identified a gap in our offerings – party packages. Taking client’s requests into mind, we have curated several painting party packages for almost all occasions like kids and adult birthday parties, hens/bucks parties and corporate celebrations with add ons like catering, decoration, drag segment and more. These are offered both on site in our studio and offsite at client’s venue. We have received massive success and love from our clients for party packages which made Paint for Fun a go to solution for all celebrations. This was our successful year 2022, we hope you have had a productive year too. If you would like to know more about how best Dya Australia can help you, your team or your school in this new year 2023 – then email us at: becreative@dyaaustralia.com.au. Experiential discovery workshops for developing the Art of Creative Thinking. Fill in the form and we will get back to you ASAPCONTACT US 0499141993 Facebook




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