Dya at The National Education Summit, Melbourne 2022


How providing creative and wellbeing friendly experiences for our students and staff ensure their success in the future?

Are you too busy getting through the curriculum that you don’t have time to enrich students with wellbeing and creative activities?

Are your students focussed on memorising content at the expense of reflective and self- expressive ideas and thoughts?

Do your teaching staff ever feel burned out and overwhelmed, to the point their mental health is being affected?

On the 17th and 18th of June Dya Australia was one of a hundred exhibitors at the 2022 National Education Summit. Our aim was to showcase a small snapshot of our The Art of Creative Thinking Model and how it can be utilised in nurturing the brightest minds and upcoming leaders of our society.  Our CEO and Co-owner, Revi Chai, was asked to conduct a short presentation about Dya and the model by the expo’s staff. 

The research 

To develop a presentation on Dya’s offerings and The Art of Creative Thinking model it was important to reflect on data from Australian parents, education providers and employers. Currently 84% of parents recognise the important of creativity in their child’s learning and development as it has become one of the top 3 skills sought after by employers. 

To be creative is not to just think of new and innovative ideas, it is also about working through problems and developing implementation strategies for the future. 


Revi worked alongside Dya’s creative team in Israel drawing from her experiences of working with Dya and living both Israel and Australia. The team understood the importance of providing an enriching yet informative presentation that can provide a short insight into the offering of our creative workshops and training. 

From original eye-catching visuals to draw audience engagement, accompanied with a hands-on activity and case study from one of our previous education client, Haileybury, the presentation was created and ready to be delivered. 

The stall 

When we designed the stall, it was important we provide a memorable experience for people to explore what we have to offer, on the go.

The activity we designed combines hands-on experience while self expressing ideas and thoughts. See some of the results:

Alison, on of Dya’s leading professional instructor, demonstrate and explain the patrons about the creative challenge we offer them to have a break from all the excitement and tap into their creative side. 

The presentation

As Revi took the stage the audience were provided with noise cancelling headphones to eliminate any background noise that may distract their attention. A large proportion of Revi’s presentation was tailored around our case study breaking down how 500 students utilised the Dya model to create a new perspective of thinking, challenging current thought patterns, inspiring innovation, and supporting the uniqueness of every learner. 

This led directly to the creative exercise that took a few minutes to encourage educations professionals to take a step out of their comfort zone and try a new activity. In what was a short speech, Revi left everyone with a thought on how can we improve the Australian education curriculum to incorporate and prepare our students for the future ahead.

Watch Revi’s full presentation here: https://youtu.be/7Bh6hJITBOI

Our Creative workshop offering 

Are you looking to develop young confident and innovative learners? Or simply equip your teaching staff with the tools they need to manage stress and workload? 

Dya’s creative thinking workshops for students and creative training for staff are a leading force in the education sector in helping students reach their full potential as well as retaining and strengthening our teaching staff.

To find out more about how Dya’s offering can be beneficial to your needs email us at: 


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