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Paint for Fun

Paint for Fun is our young and electrifying sister company that’s on a mission to make art accessible, open and fun for all.

Running public events, hens and family celebrations.

Painting lessons for adults have increased in popularity primarily due to the fact that art lessons for adults are consumed as a memorable experience, connected to the creative instinct that has fascinated us in the past or the one we want to rediscover. This is why the number of people entering the world of recreational painting has been on a gradual increase. The benefits that can be gained from art lessons for adults are innumerable and for a good reason. This is why even online painting classes for adults have increased in membership, due to the fact that many adults are able to discover the simple joys of drawing and painting.

At DYA, we truly believe that anyone can have fun with art which is why we are focused on providing individuals with an experience where art becomes accessible for them. They can unleash their creativity through art lessons for adults. Our multiple easy-going, fun hangout style in-studio and online painting lessons for adults are the perfect idea of an evening well-spent for many friends.

Painting Lessons For Adults

With Paint For Fun, the focus is mainly on having an enjoyable and immersive experience through our many painting lessons for adults. We have our special Park in the Park art lessons for adults that lets you soak up the sun and cool breeze while you enjoy the company of your friends and discover/rediscover your hidden talents. Our Paint n Sip painting lesson for adults is an amazing, shared experience for everyone together over fun banter and colours.

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Public Painting Classes

Our public painting lesions for adults leverage the greatest advantage that is afforded by entering the world of art, and that is an enhancement of free and positive thoughts to your mind. You have limitless possibilities to let your creative juices flow and express themselves in a safe environment.

With our in-studio and online painting lessons for adults at DYA, we encourage you to have a great time while increasing your exposure to free and open thinking.

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Adult Painting Party

These art lessons for adults are focused exclusively on brides and bridesmaids. By providing our art lessons as an exclusive event for a bachelorette party, we ensure you a unique and engaging activity and a completely different experience. One of the best ways of giving the bride a proper send-off into married life is to have a BYO event where every individual in the party can express themselves through different works of art. Easy to organise these in-studio and online painting classes for adults are less of a teach and learn, and more of exploring together. We supply all the art supplies, and with wine in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, the party can take any direction. In addition, all of you get to take a painting back as a souvenir.

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Kids Painting

Families are one organism where a shared painting experience makes them discover and see a common creative streak between them. At DYA, we have made painting lessons for adults in a way to ensure that when your family comes together, they will have one of the most unique bonding experiences in experiential learning. You simply need to have an open mind, and the key takeaway is always to have as much fun as possible.

What they say about us

Ernst &Young (Carol)
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“I think we all have a great night on Tuesday and everyone enjoy such a different experience from our usual social event (e.g. lasertag or GO Kart). I will definitely do the review online and refer this to our colleagues whoever are looking to organise this kind of social event. Again, thank you so much for the loving night that your instructors have brought to us and hopefully we will have you guys coming again in the future”
Jemena (Marita)
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“Thank you for such a wonderful morning on Tuesday. Everyone loved the event and was pleasantly surprised at how their artworks turned out.”
Kiru- Vesparum
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We had our EOFY painting activity with Dya, and it was just amazing. We used our non-sense creativity on canvas, lots of laughs. The staffs who hosted our event were super delightful and accommodating. Highly recommend for your future events!
Experiential discovery workshops for developing the Art of Creative Thinking.
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