How Does Creative Training Dismantle Barriers?

How does creative training dismantle barriers?

By Diti Avdar Yeger

When we need to find solutions to new situations, and even though we really want to give the best of ourselves, we struggle to find solutions that will lead to our advancement.

The dive into an unfamiliar field and the need to get acquainted with it, raises quite a few concerns, feelings of frustration, and inability.

With regards to the arts and for artistic practice,  especially when they come from a place of pure personal expression (without coercion), and in a conscious manner aimed at meaning, there is potential to evoke, stimulate, motivate and inspire. (Komjathy, 2018).

In creative training we practice thinking processes and give them expression through visual tools. 

It is a thinking process of observing the idea and its parts, reassembling them in a variety of solutions and choosing a path to visual action.

The creative training acts as a crane that extracts feelings, sensations, and thoughts  barriers and develops anchors that encourage open thinking and a space for experimentation, with a commitment to action and authentic expression.

Diti Advar-Yeger Is The Content And Creative Director For Dya Australia.  Since 1999, She Has Developed And Facilitated Programs For Creative Thinking Amongst Gifted Students And Adults Through Dya Israel.  She Has Also Developed And Lead Courses And Workshops For Children, Adolescents And Adults At The Israel Museum In Jerusalem.

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