The Way to Discovering the Way

By Diti Avdar Yeger

At every given moment I find myself on a journey to self discovery.  It begins with planning my daily schedule, and extends to the deeply existential level of considering my place in the world.  This may sound like an illusive quest, but in reality it is a space and place in which we find ourselves regularly operating.

Is the purpose of the journey to show us the way, or is it simply a part of the discovery process?

The word da-o translates as ‘the way’; a word whose literal meaning is a way or a path, yet, in a greater sense represents a methodology as the essence of all things. 

It is the way in which the world works; the way in which nature functions, without effort – a parable of water that can fill the smallest water hole to the largest ocean (The Book Of Dao, Lao Tzu Laozi, chapter 34).

This nature function includes human nature, when it’s at its best, both physically and spiritually. 

Our name, Dya, (The Art of Creative Thinking©) is a hybrid of looking inward by taking initiative on both a practical and theoretical level, as well as an amalgamation of my and my partner Adam’s names, the founders of Dya International.  

During this period of coming back home during lockdown, the emergence of our connection back to our joint home contains the potential for personal breakthroughs and discoveries.  

We are required to forge our own path – internally.  The same energy is beneficial in propelling us to accomplish and to promote wellbeing, and shows us the practical ways to be in our world; a world in which fast paced changes in circumstances demand flexibility in thinking, taking initiative and practical training implications.  

This is our exact way of being at Dya.  The search illuminates the path, the path enables the search, and our journey represents our development and attainment.

Here is a short exercise for discovering the most engaging, interesting and picturesque path for oneself.  

Diti Avdar Yeger,
Content And Creative Director At Dya Australia
Co-Founder And Owner Of Dya Israel

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