Land of Lines: Dynamic Movement in Art

Land of Lines: Dynamic Movement in Art

Join us on an immersive journey into the world of art as we delve into the captivating language of lines. In this workshop, we present an exhibition featuring the renowned artist Vincent van Gogh, where participants will have the opportunity to examine how he translates his observations of nature into artworks filled with expressive lines.

Our pop-up painting studio becomes a space for engaging discussions and conversations with the instructor, allowing participants to explore the mood and emotions conveyed through lines in Van Gogh’s paintings. Together, we will embark on the exciting challenge of identifying and interpreting the significance of lines in his artwork.

Throughout the workshop, personal expression and choice are encouraged as participants select artworks from the exhibition that inspire them. Using Van Gogh’s use of lines as inspiration, they will create their own drawings, infusing their unique style into their artwork. By the end of this workshop, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the power and impact of lines in visual art. They will develop their ability to recognize and interpret the use of lines in artwork, while also cultivating their own artistic voice through personal expression and choice.

Learning outcomes:

Students will analyze Van Gogh’s use of lines by studying his artwork and identifying how he captures nature through expressive lines.

Students will apply their understanding of lines by engaging in discussions about the mood and emotions conveyed through lines in Van Gogh’s paintings.

Students will create their own drawings inspired by Van Gogh’s use of lines, showcasing their creativity and personal expression.

Students will evaluate the significance of lines in art by reflecting on their own drawings and the artworks from the exhibition, gaining a deeper appreciation for artistic choices.

Learning outcomes:

This workshop can be offered as both an incursion and excursion.

Aus: Victorian curriculum

Critical and Creative Thinking

Questions and Possibilities

Visual Arts

Explore and Express Ideas

Visual Arts Practices

Respond and Interpret

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