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Why it’s Important to Develop Growth Mindset for Future Generations? Have you ever heard yourself say, ‘I don’t have a creative bone in my body’… As an artist and as an educator, I hear this all the time. This is because most people equate creativity to art making; to the ability to draw or paint. […]

How Does Creative Training Support the Development of New Ideas?

How does creative training support the development of new ideas? By Diti Avdar Yeger The essence of creative thinking is the ability to look at problems and situations from a new perspective, to suggest unconventional solutions and to develop new ideas and concepts. Observing from a new perspective evokes new thoughts about the same familiar landscape. In Dya’s The […]

How Can Artistic Creation Improve Insights Into the Self?

Blog by Diti Avdar Yeger In the realm of artistic creation, the interplay between the artist, the creation process, and the resulting masterpiece is a profound journey of self-discovery. This intricate dance of expression and exploration goes beyond the mere act of crafting art; it delves into the very essence of the self. As Komjathy […]

The Importance of Self-reflection – Dya Australia

How To Observe My Own Reflection By Diti Avdar Yeger What is self-reflection? Recently, while going shopping for clothes with my teenage daughters, I discovered that one of their favourite activities takes place in the fitting room. This is a place where all options are taken into consideration. This small booth expands and grows as time […]

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