How do you get 450 individuals to express themselves personally and integrate collectively?

By Diti Avdar Yeger

How do you get 450 individuals to express themselves personally and integrate collectively?

What do I want to express? What is my position? How can I correct mistakes when I’m alone? How do I draw it?

These are some of the questions I am often asked by my students. Questions that are very universal across genders, countries and continents, and are usually quietly whispered.

One of the creative challenges I had to face recently was to develop an art online session for 450 participants painting from their homes, integrating individual points of view into one group statement.

How can we feel security and closeness even from a great distance?

How can a safe space be created for examining and stretching the limits of expressing personal ability?

These days, where paradigms are collapsing and others are being revealed, decisions are changed and positions are examined in a new perspective, such as learning and working from home.  Dya is proud to apply the Art of Creative Thinking Model  in adapting  for this ever-changing landscape. A powerful tool that discovers and strengthens the sense of personal ability through authentic experiential doing.

The Art of Creative thinking studio became simultaneously collaborative and personal. On 27.10.2020 in Melbourne, Dya`s studio expanded to 450 participants’ homes and became a huge research lab for each participant individually and as a group.

This is Dya’s philosophy and way: we provide a safety net on this rocky terrain, where each and every one of the participants can feel confident and supported.

Studies show that a gift in the form of an experience, contributes to personal well-being in a far greater capacity than any material gift.

If you too would like to treat yourself to a gift and join Dya’s “eye-mind-hand gym’, and adopt habits that will benefit you in your daily life, feel free to join us for project 21/2021.  Details coming soon.

*This blog was written after a project of  24 classes with 450 students and staff, engaged in a collaborative, thought provoking and meaningful inspired art project.
The feedback from staff and students was overwhelmingly positive, identifying this pioneering and powerful tool developed by Dya, motivating students to maximise their commitment, sharpen their statement and  express themselves through both an intimate and collaborative dialogue
Diti Advar-Yeger Is The Content And Creative Director For Dya Australia.  Since 1999, She Has Developed And Facilitated Programs For Creative Thinking Amongst Gifted Students And Adults Through Dya Israel.  She Has Also Developed And Lead Courses And Workshops For Children, Adolescents And Adults At The Israel Museum In Jerusalem.
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