How Can Artistic Creation Improve Insights Into the Self?

By Diti Avdar Yeger

The above statement expresses the hermeneutics approach relating to the study of texts and visual creations that some describe through the scientific interpretation of recreating the experience of the producer/creator/inventor.

That is to say, we as observers strive to experience the ideas anew of the creator who mediates to us through visual creation.

In the Art of Creative Thinking™ workshops by Dya, observing key creations is an instigation tool that aids in the development of personal attributes.  This observation reinvigorates the experience of the creator and forms connections between our insights and authentic personal creation.  It is a process of learning, growth and renewal.

Diti Advar-Yeger Is The Content And Creative Director For Dya Australia.  Since 1999, She Has Developed And Facilitated Programs For Creative Thinking Amongst Gifted Students And Adults Through Dya Israel.  She Has Also Developed And Lead Courses And Workshops For Children, Adolescents And Adults At The Israel Museum In Jerusalem.
Experiential discovery workshops for developing the Art of Creative Thinking.
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