Fusion of Light and Art: The Impact of DYA’s Unique Program

How Did DYA Create a Unique Art and Science Experience? In our continuous effort to offer innovative and engaging experiences, Dya’s studio recently hosted an extraordinary event: ‘Riding on a Beam of Light’. This unique program was designed to merge the worlds of science and art, providing students with an unforgettable experience that ignited their […]

Dya Australia Has Reached New Heights in 2022, Let’s Recap

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2022 has by far been the busiest year. With offices and schools reopening, every individual and business has gone through a variety of ups and downs to get back to their routine. It was quite a challenging year for Dya too, but like everyone else, we pushed through and continued to achieve success beyond our […]

Importance of Creativity in Classroom – Dya Australia

How can Dya equip your team of teaching staff to encourage and promote creative learning to their students? Young children are full of imagination and creativity, always exploring concepts new to them and questioning what they observe. If the world is spinning, why can’t I feel it? Why Are There So Many Languages in The […]

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