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How can Dya equip your team of teaching staff to encourage and promote creative learning to their students?

Young children are full of imagination and creativity, always exploring concepts new to them and questioning what they observe. If the world is spinning, why can’t I feel it? Why Are There So Many Languages in The World? Why does this person suffer from homelessness?

Sometimes as adults we can be stuck when trying to answer student’s questions so students are actually the best at creative thinking learning by practicing Dya’s Art of Creative Thinking Model. They are constantly watching and observing and questioning what they see or what they are told by adults to learn and experience at the rawest level.

It is important as adults to practice skills that can help in further encouraging creativity and authentic expression in children.


How Dya’s model meet the school’s needs and values?

St John’s Catholic Primary School educational staff came to us with an enquiry on wanting to do a workshop for open mindedness and creativity for their first curriculum day for the year. As they return to campus for the 2022 year, it was important for them to motivate themselves and channel their inner creativity.

We had the pleasure of working with Chevon, the organising staff, on a one-on-one level to create a tailored scenery workshop that really targeted the needs of the school. The school ask that the specific theme of the day would be “place that brings you peace and serenity… their “happy” place essentially”.

St. John’s in Footscray, just minutes for Melbourne CBD, is a school that seeks to encourage each student to portray authentic expression and engage in creative learning.

‘At St. John’s, we strongly believe that children are at the centre when given authentic and meaningful experiences. They have a right to develop autonomy through discovery.’ -St. Johns Staff

How Dya’s Model manage to do that?

The date had come and the Dya creative team arrived earlier to set up their space in the school. In an hour we manage to transform the familiar staff room into a pop up art studio to allow each participant to create their own scenery artwork.

As innovation and creativity are at the core of St. Johns educational team‘s learning values, it is crucial that teachers can portray those skills to their students. Dya encourage each participant to explore points of view with an open mind, practicing Dya’s Art of Creative Thinking Model® theme: Observing, Doubting, Experiencing.

The Dya’s workshop challenged the participants to create an image in their mind of their happy place and to think about what does that look like? The more we asked, the clearer that image become.

During the workshop Dya supplied a safe environment for all participants to express their ideas and feelings leaving them with a very personalised creative project.

Promoting stepping out of one’s comfort zone Dya`s team had in-depth dialog with each participant to encourage creative thinking by exploring self authentic expression.

What are Dya’s workshop outcomes?

The educational team had the ability to explore individual ideas throughout the session that left them motivated and in high spirits to start off the school year.

It was crucial for them to put themselves in the students’ shoes and tap into their imagination and creativity. It allowed them to gain tips on how to encourage Creative Thinking learning in the classroom.

As caregivers, most of the time we are looked to for solutions, whether it involves answering questions or providing solutions to problems. If we ourselves tap into our imagination more often and allow self-expression in different ways, we can provide our students with more innovative strategies that they can expand on.

This is exactly what Dya do in it’s Experimental Workshops. The Footscray team at St. John Catholic Primary school educational  team was left ready to tackle the questions of their students and even further challenge creative thinking to promote authentic self-expression.

Once again a Dya workshop created a safe and open environment that welcomed different ideas – Dya’s pop up studio at this Melbourne based Primary School allowed participants to be supported through the workshop process.

If you would like to find out how we can cater to your educational staff and students email us for a personalised proposal.

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