Creative Thinking & Art Wellbeing (Youth Wise Magazine AUTUMN 2021)

Creative Thinking & Art Wellbeing Article

Is our path meant to lead to a particular destination?

We are grateful to be featured in the latest issue of Youth Wise magazine.

Youth Wise is a biannual magazine presented and published by the Mental Health, Addiction and Community Awareness Initiative (MACA). Its mission is to support young Australians that are directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues and substance abuse, through education and awareness.  It is distributed to secondary schools, tertiary institutions, GP clinics and rehabilitation centers throughout Australia.

Its recent publication focuses on topics including conservation, education, consent, mindfulness, self-defence and wellbeing.

Our featured piece highlights Dya’s model (The Art of Creative Thinking), and the ways and benefits of developing creative thinking skills.


Five Circles of Support for improving wellbeing

In summary, our Art of Creative Thinking model challenges automatic-thinking patterns to encourage authentic personal and social expression.  The model forms five circles of support for improving wellbeing:

  • To Observe
  • To Doubt
  • To Experience
  • To Break Internal Barriers
  • Abilities and Authentic Personal Expression

At Dya, we are passionate about our experiential and immersive education workshops that inspire participants to discover and observe through invention and original creation.

Haileybury Workshop 2021

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