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What’s Wrong With the World?

By Diti Avdar Yeger In the Israeli Museum outdoor area the above sculpture “Turning the World Upside Down” by Anish Kapoor is displayed. The sculpture is made of polished metal as a mirror. Standing in front of it reveals that the ground is reflected up and the sky is reflected down. In 1910 the book of the prolific journalist and writer J.K Chesterton, ‘What’s Wrong With the World?’ was published. In the book Chesterton answered many questions. A national British newspaper no longer in print, The Daily Herald used its namesake, inviting its readers to answer the question: ‘what is not right with the world?’ Chesterton’s own response to his question was – ‘I am’. He came to the realisation that to turn the world into a better place, each one of us needed to take responsibility: to act out of a commitment to change and self-development. At Dya – The Art of Creative Thinking we encourage a commitment to action and action using the visual tools due to awareness and personal choice.

How does doing using visual tools help us develop and improve our abilities?

When we create we choose to act and present to the world our unique point of view. At Dya we call it creative training in which we:

Examine our feelings, enrich the manner in which we think, deal with conflict, explain our choice and expand our self awareness.

Read more about our model here This is our development and change. ‘We don’t talk about it, rather we do it.’ Join Dya’s creative training activities in Melbourne and you will experience the change within you: Online art sessions in art classes for children, and in our creative studios at Port Melbourne, Victoria.
Diti Advar-Yeger Is The Content And Creative Director For Dya Australia.  Since 1999, She Has Developed And Facilitated Programs For Creative Thinking Amongst Gifted Students And Adults Through Dya Israel.  She Has Also Developed And Lead Courses And Workshops For Children, Adolescents And Adults At The Israel Museum In Jerusalem.
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