Why We Need Creative Thinking to Resolve Conflicts

How Creative Thinking Can Help You Resolve Conflicts

By Diti Avdar Yeger,

Do you know that one small, tiny moment, where you do something that seems so insignificant, yet, answer all the questions you’ve been tackling in just seconds. I do.

Tracking back, one of my partners and I’s favourite hobbies happens to be eating out at Fusion restaurants. It’s in these restaurants that magic happens. The combinations of contrasting elements from diverse culinary traditions that originated from an array of different countries, regions and enriched cultures come together.

It brings spectacular sour and sweet, the perplexing mix of spicy and honey, a connection and balance of harmony in what seems to be completely opposite.
And then after one contentful bite, devoting ourselves to a mouthful of opposites, we were served straight onto our plates a revelation that answers the seemingly complex question, ‘What exactly are we doing in Dya?’. 

”What exactly are we doing in Dya”


Yin and Yang, the iconic cosmic duality. Different in every way, principles, energies, nature. 

The first half, the pure light half, represents peace and tranquility and the other portrays movement and energy. However together they represent so much more. Together they illustrate two pillars that are apart of the world, nature, us.

Yes, they symbolize opposite elements, however, not necessarily conflict. So what are they without each other? Nothing. There is no Yin without Yang. The symbol is only completed by having the two parts connected. They have differences but

 they contain a small fraction of each other too, hence how they have to depend on one another. 

According to researchers, the ability to have opposing pillars is the key characteristic in the Art of Creative Thinking. It’s this exact characteristic that allows us to take action within conflict and fight the confinements of getting stuck. 

The Art of Creative Thinking is the generating power that leads us to progression. It sources creative solutions for personal growth, discovery, and expression.  

This all leads us into what Dya is. Dya’s workshops although an enjoyable experience, is challenging, inspiring and gives individuals the platform and power to launch forward with momentum to be daring. It will draw out the Yin and Yang from within. 

We can pull from spectacular artists such as Henri Matisse, who painted with colour and an abundance of fluidity. He helped define the ‘revolutionary developments in the visual arts throughout the opening decades of the twentieth century’. 

In Matisse’s spirit here is ‘The Art of Creative Thinking©’ exercise curated by Dya to help portray the relationship of two subjects of complete differences, yet depend so intensely that depend on one another so deeply.

See you in our The Art of Creative Thinking Workshops in your organisation, schools and our centres.

Diti Avdar Yeger,
Content and Creative Director at Dya Australia
Co-founder and owner of Dya Israel

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