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Bringing original creation back into the workday to increase productivity, creativity and improve organisational culture.

At DYA Australia, we are committed to providing team building activities that create memorable events and build relationships within the team, rather than connections. Our corporate team building events are focused on fostering an environment of creativity and open thinking so that an individual can let loose and flourish in an environment that is accepting of any creative inputs.

This is why our corporate team building events are widely touted by our clients who have seen significant long term results from our experiential learning programmes. If you need memorable events that help you form meaningful bonds with your team members, then you need a team activity in Melbourne that allows you to express your own individuality and uniqueness. That is exactly what you get with DYA Australia. We can prove that one session in our corporate art workshops, and you will be in a much better place than you were before.

Team Building Workshops

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ACTS - Active Creative Training Sessions

In these sessions, we encourage teams to challenge their thinking patterns and foster their creative spirit. This enables them to expand their horizons and increase their cognitive abilities to be able to have meaningful and productive contributions to their workplace environment. Our environments are completely free of any judgement so, it becomes very easy for an individual to step out of their comfort zone, and their normal thinking conformity. This enables an individual to experience a side of themselves that even they did not know they had. By challenging these individuals and making them respond to these challenges as a team effort, they learn that, working as part of a team is highly beneficial, allowing them to step out .

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One and All - Collective Portrait Murals

The primary objective behind a collective activity is, to provide a virtual team building experience that allows an individual to think different. By enhancing an individual’s curiosity and creativity, we put both their mental and physical capabilities to the test. This involves making the entire collective work as a team, towards a singular objective. Like at their workplace, the individuals will have a limited time and space, only this time, they will be creating a collaborative work of art. This enables them to learn how to work together as a team, and also understand how their colleagues address issues from an entirely new perspective. The best part is that the collective portrait mural is given to you as an art piece to be exhibited in your workplace.

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Draw Your Colleague

One of the most fun activities we have ever fostered is Draw Your Colleague, where we select certain colleagues that individuals would want to become better acquainted with and teach them how to draw their portrait. 

Drawing a portrait of an individual is one of the most well in depth experiences that can enable an individual to form meaningful connections. 

Even if you have never picked up a paintbrush, this event is one that is guaranteed to provide light hearted and fun interactions that will only further the bond between two individuals.



At DYA Australia, we provide virtual team building and online team building for a large number of organizations. If you need corporate art workshops that provide results while having solutions that are long term, then you need to have a free space in which your creative thinking can be let loose. This is why our corporate team building events are the best places to have any kind of team activity in Melbourne.

What they say about us

Ernst &Young (Carol)
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“I think we all have a great night on Tuesday and everyone enjoy such a different experience from our usual social event (e.g. lasertag or GO Kart). I will definitely do the review online and refer this to our colleagues whoever are looking to organise this kind of social event. Again, thank you so much for the loving night that your instructors have brought to us and hopefully we will have you guys coming again in the future”
Jemena (Marita)
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“Thank you for such a wonderful morning on Tuesday. Everyone loved the event and was pleasantly surprised at how their artworks turned out.”
Kiru- Vesparum
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We had our EOFY painting activity with Dya, and it was just amazing. We used our non-sense creativity on canvas, lots of laughs. The staffs who hosted our event were super delightful and accommodating. Highly recommend for your future events!

Experiential discovery workshops for developing the Art of Creative Thinking.
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