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Team Building Workshops

Bringing original creation back into the workday to increase productivity, creativity and improve organisational culture.

Creating Art- Anyone can!

CATS – Creative Art Training Sessions

Encourage your team to challenge and nurture their creative spirit and expand their ability to contribute productively to the workplace environment.

Collective Team Mural

A collective portrait mural  

A fun and fascinating gym of curiosity and creativity for the eyes, brain and hands. 

The courage to choose, dare and share!


Draw Your Colleague

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein once said “For knowledge is limited … while imagination embraces the entire world,”.

Inspire your team to envision their colleagues from a fresh perspective.

What they say about us

Ernst &Young (Carol)
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“I think we all have a great night on Tuesday and everyone enjoy such a different experience from our usual social event (e.g. lasertag or GO Kart). I will definitely do the review online and refer this to our colleagues whoever are looking to organise this kind of social event. Again, thank you so much for the loving night that your instructors have brought to us and hopefully we will have you guys coming again in the future”
Jemena (Marita)
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“Thank you for such a wonderful morning on Tuesday. Everyone loved the event and was pleasantly surprised at how their artworks turned out.”
Kiru- Vesparum
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We had our EOFY painting activity with Dya, and it was just amazing. We used our non-sense creativity on canvas, lots of laughs. The staffs who hosted our event were super delightful and accommodating. Highly recommend for your future events!

Experiential discovery workshops for developing the Art of Creative Thinking.
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