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Special Blog for the COVID-19 / April 2020 By Diti Avdar Yeger

Getting up in the morning, wake up the kids, prepare sandwiches, drop the kids to school, take the dog for a walk, drink my coffee, drive to work..

Corona days are days of big changes and adjustments in our lives. Every component in my everyday routines changed. Actually, for everyone- all the citizens of the world, regardless of nationality, culture and age.

If we flex our thinking a bit we can discover that this uncertainty provides us with an opportunity.

An opportunity to reform together new family habits while satisfying the curiosity of each of its members. Its an opportunity to discover more about ourselves, become stronger and take responsibility for our own happiness.     

Researches shows that a gift which is an experience contributes to personal wellbeing much more than any materialistic gift. 

A colourful drawing we create and give ourselves supports our happiness and emotional satisfaction, strengthen the immune system- much more then a roll of paper, double or triple ply.

Dya- The Art of Creative Thinking allow the opportunity to gift yourself enriching experiences. Our workshops provide flexibility for the mind that will turn a restriction to an advantage.

Whatever we are doing in the now is affecting our present and future. You are welcome to experience this for yourselves by signing up to our online classes:

Online Classes For Family

Here is an exercise by Dya to practice with your family while we are all at home:

See you in our The Art of Creative Thinking Workshops at your organisation, schools and our centres, hope sooner then later!

Diti Avdar Yeger,
Content And Creative Director At Dya Australia
Co-Founder And Owner Of Dya Israel
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