Dya Australia Has Reached New Heights in 2022, Let’s Recap

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2022 has by far been the busiest year. With offices and schools reopening, every individual and business has gone through a variety of ups and downs to get back to their routine. It was quite a challenging year for Dya too, but like everyone else, we pushed through and continued to achieve success beyond our […]

Creative Thinking & Art Wellbeing (Youth Wise Magazine AUTUMN 2021)

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Creative Thinking & Art Wellbeing Article Is our path meant to lead to a particular destination? We are grateful to be featured in the latest issue of Youth Wise magazine. Youth Wise is a biannual magazine presented and published by the Mental Health, Addiction and Community Awareness Initiative (MACA). Its mission is to support young Australians that […]

How Does Creative Training Support the Development of New Ideas?

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How does creative training support the development of new ideas? By Diti Avdar Yeger The essence of creative thinking is the ability to look at problems and situations from a new perspective, to suggest unconventional solutions and to develop new ideas and concepts. Observing from a new perspective evokes new thoughts about the same familiar landscape. In Dya’s The […]

Turning Uncertainty to an Opportunity

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Turning Uncertainty to an Opportunity Special Blog for the COVID-19 / April 2020 By Diti Avdar Yeger Getting up in the morning, wake up the kids, prepare sandwiches, drop the kids to school, take the dog for a walk, drink my coffee, drive to work.. Corona days are days of big changes and adjustments in our lives. […]

Why We Need Creative Thinking to Resolve Conflicts

How Creative Thinking Can Help You Resolve Conflicts By Diti Avdar Yeger, Do you know that one small, tiny moment, where you do something that seems so insignificant, yet, answer all the questions you’ve been tackling in just seconds. I do. Tracking back, one of my partners and I’s favourite hobbies happens to be eating out […]

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