How to Observe From A Fresh Perspective

How to Observe From A Fresh Perspective

By Diti Avdar Yeger

Yesterday, during a very busy day full of chores and tiring bureaucracy tasks in front of the computer, I took a few minutes to rest and look over some family photos from our last winter vacation in Paris.

My eyes wandered to a photo of my youngest daughter staring in awe at the Mona Lisa painting. It triggered a special memory for me. I remember the thought floating through my mind at the time, ‘I wonder what she is thinking right now?’ At that moment, she turned to me with wide eyes and said, “how long did it take Leonardo to paint the Mona Lisa?”

“Maybe you should ask ‘how long did it take Leonardo to fix the artwork?’” I answered. “He had to paint, erase and correct. Add another layer and correct and correct and correct again.” We shared a smile of understanding, we could see the famous painting in a new way. In front of us was years of work in observing and perfecting as an inspiration.

 As we move towards this new year in our workplaces, schools and homes, we are proud to share with you the arrival of Dya – The Art of Creative Thinking© to Melbourne, Australia.

This is how we, at Dya, provide space and freedom to experiment, to stretch our creative imagination and move closer to success and the satisfaction of personal self-achievement. We want to be just like the greatest master of them all Leonardo De Vinci, whose artworks from the 16th century still provide inspirations for millions of people around the world and inspire wonder today.

In the spirit of Leonardo, we have a warm up exercise in the Art of Creative Thinking made by Dya to encourage this fresh point of view:

 Take photos of these faces in nature and send them to us at Chosen photos will be advertised in the Dya gallery with the name of the artist, and you will receive a discount voucher towards your next Dya’s adventure!

PS, if you find yourself in Paris, go to the Louvre Museum, where you can witness a brilliant exhibition of more than 160 artworks made by Leonardo, that ends on the 24/2/2020. Don’t forget to go and say hi to our friend the Mona Lisa who, for security reasons, sits in her permanent hall away from the exhibition.

See you in our The Art of Creative Thinking Workshops in your organisation, schools and our centres.

Diti Avdar Yeger,
Content And Creative Director At Dya Australia
Co-Founder And Owner Of Dya Israel
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