Why is Creativity Crucial At Workplace and How can Creative Training Help?

When you think of creativity, you might think of job titles like graphic designer or marketer. Nonetheless, creativity and innovation are crucial in all businesses since organisational challenges necessitate creative solutions. 

Creativity has multiple functions, It not only fights stagnation, but also promotes growth and innovation. Whilst the skills are essential in business, it is an abstract process that works best when combined with a tangible structure. This is where Dya Australia steps in.

We were recently approached by Adam from EstimateOne looking for ways to encourage communication and collaboration amongst teams after having to work from home the past 2 years. 

Keeping in mind Adam’s objectives, our creative team curated a Draw your Colleague with Cubism referenced Creative Training workshop with an interactive session that enables their team to expand their horizons, increase their cognitive abilities and form lasting relationships to be able to have meaningful and productive contributions to their workplace environment. 

How does Creative Training benefit Individuals?

Mental Wellbeing – It is a known fact that the left brain is responsible for the motor functions, while the right brain focuses on melody. When the two hemispheres of your brain communicate with each other via creative training, your cognitive function improves which is seen to enhance wellbeing in individuals. 

Helps Build Confidence – Repetitive creative motions like, drawing, or painting are observed to activate flow, and are tasks that create a result. When you succeed at creating a result, your brain is flooded with dopamine, which helps in building self confidence and internal motivation.Whether or not you’re aware of your increased happiness, the hit of dopamine you get after being in flow will drive and influence you toward similar behaviour personally and professionally. 

Self expression– The workshop we curated for EstimateOne provides a safe platform for individuals in a team to express themselves with a free flowing tool – Creativity. With no prior painting experience required, this judgment-free environment paired with Dya’s Art of Creative Thinking Model™ is observed to challenge conventional thinking patterns to encourage a wide variety of both personal and social expressions.

Ability to Explore Multiple Perspectives – While encouraging the team to express themselves, Dya probed each participant to explore different visual perspectives of their colleague with an open mind. This approach enhances non linear thinking in individuals when combating uncertainty at workplace challenges.

How does Creative Training benefit Teams and Organisations?

Aides Growth – One of the main hindrances to a business’s growth is cognitive fixedness, or the idea that there’s only one way to interpret or approach a situation or challenge. Cognitive fixedness is an easy trap to fall into, as it can be tempting to approach every situation similar to how you have in the past. Hence, our inclusion of cubism style in creative training for EstimateOne – the team had to let go of their cognitive fixedness from the last 2 years and explore their individual strengths and weaknesses and in the process broadening their horizons in achieving tangible growth. 

Increases productivity – The other major factor in nurturing a creative workplace is to give all workers a way to voice their ideas. In this timed workshop, the team from EstimateOne was divided into 2 groups and had the opportunity to express their true and honest understanding of their colleagues via art. Upon surfacing these outcomes with the entire group post activity, the team simultaneously felt seen, understood and valued which is observed to spread new, inhibition free thinking throughout the business furthermore resulting in increased productivity. These art classes in Melbourne is for teams of all shapes and sizes with both in person and virtual team building workshop offerings.

Fosters Collaboration – Pandemic overnight changed the way teams work and EstimateOne major concern was collaboration amongst teams post lockdown. Dya’s Creative Thinking Model™ provides a great environment in which individuals can put forward and challenge set thinking patterns that will help employees understand fellow teammates, and build a sense of togetherness which in-turn promotes collaboration.

Increased engagement in the workplace – Investing in Creative training makes employees feel a sense of consideration resulting in engaged behaviour at the workplace. This motivates them to perform more than their duties and results in loyalty and innovation in the organisation. Moreover, engaged employees are a source of creative performance and attract more talented people to the company while disengaged employees are a liability to its growth. The team from EstimateOne left the workshop feeling acknowledged, considered and far more connected with their team, making this workshop a true success for the organisation and Dya Australia.

What are you doing to promote communication and collaboration in your teams and organisations to enhance productivity and innovation at the workplace? 

Find out how Dya’s Creative Training workshops can be tailored to your team’s unique requirements! Email us: becreative@dyaaustralia.com.au 

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