5 Creative Corporate Team Building Activities in Melbourne

In the bustling city of Melbourne, where innovation and collaboration are at the forefront, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance team cohesion and productivity. Studies show Team building leads to more engaged employees who then earn 2.5 times more in profits than companies with unengaged employees.  At Dya Australia, we understand the importance of […]

Navigating Contrasts: April’s Creative Exploration at Dya Australia


April at Dya Australia focused on the dynamic theme of “Contrasts.” Throughout the month, we explored how opposites and dualities create depth and interest in art, encouraging creative thinking and diverse perspectives. Corporate Program Highlight: Open Studio Self-guided Session This unique program offers a space for professionals to balance individuality with teamwork, encouraging innovative thinking […]

Embracing Change: March Creative Exploration at Dya Australia™

Rene Magritte

March at Dya Australia is all about ‘Transitions’ – a month dedicated to exploring the beauty and challenges of change through creative expression. As we bid farewell to summer and welcome the crisp air of autumn, we delve into how transitions shape our lives, thoughts, and creative processes. Corporate Program Highlight: Paint your Colleague “Paint […]

“My View” Students Activation Event at Swinburne University: Case Study

Swinburne University

In late February, Dya Australia had the privilege of conducting a thought-provoking activation event at Swinburne University. This event, part of the university’s “Welcome Back Week,” was a vibrant celebration aimed at welcoming students back to campus and fostering new connections. Engagement and Planning The journey began in January when the Events & Experience Officer […]

How to Improve Your Creative Thinking Skills: 5 Ideas to Try

Creative thinking is not an innate talent but a skill that can be cultivated and enhanced. It’s about looking at the world in new ways, finding patterns, and using imagination to explore possibilities. This blog explores five innovative ideas, including creative thinking workshops, that can help you develop your creative thinking skills. Creative thinking is […]

Inspiring Teamwork and Creativity Workshop


In the bustling corporate landscape of Melbourne, Seek’s Customer Service Team embarked on an extraordinary journey of creativity and teamwork. Dya Australia™ had the honour of facilitating the “One and All Collaborative Mural Workshop”. Initially planned as an end-of-year celebration, rescheduling to 2024 provided the perfect kickoff for the year, transforming the event into an epitome […]

Crafting Memories: Dya Australia’s Creative Journey at the Finders Keepers Design Market

Last weekend, the historic Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne was awash with artistic vibrancy and creative fervor as the iconic Finders Keepers Design Market, powered by Squarespace, unfolded its splendor. Amidst a sea of talented artisans and crafters, our dedicated team from Dya Australia, in collaboration with ClassBento, embarked on an inspiring journey. Our mission? […]

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