A Daily Practice That Changes Our Mindset

A Daily Practice To Change Your Mindset

By Diti Avdar Yeger,

“Oh, the places you’ll go” – Dr. Seuss

Especially now, in days of social distancing and Covid-19 restrictions, how can we unleash the courage and natural adventure urge that got worn out during the years?

How do I incorporate the freeing adventure of painting and colours into my life? Is it like the diet you wanted to start in January and then keep putting it off or a gym workout that you follow rigorously for one month and then avoid for the next three months? In Dya, we call it a daily practice that changes our mindset. A routine movement which opens up channels that make our mind elastic as we repeat it consistently, which is both motivating and relaxing.

Sketching tutorial to practice at home, by Dya Australia

We turn the art of creative thinking into a gym of the eye, mind and hand. We just need to start a daily exercise of drawing. It can be part of your morning routine, your afternoon tea or your arvo’s drink.

The courage and the experiment improve the feeling of achievement and ripples on the various channels of our lives.

 Here is a sketching exercise that you can practice daily.

Draw with a pencil or a marker on the page in a one pen stroke, without lifting the pen from the paper. It can be a flower, object, portrait etc. We also invite you to join our online classes– see our diverse online classes –  Events Calendar.

Diti Avdar Yeger,
Content And Creative Director At Dya Australia
Co-Founder And Owner Of Dya Israel

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