5 Creative Corporate Team Building Activities in Melbourne

In the bustling city of Melbourne, where innovation and collaboration are at the forefront, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance team cohesion and productivity. Studies show Team building leads to more engaged employees who then earn 2.5 times more in profits than companies with unengaged employees.  At Dya Australia, we understand the importance of […]

Dya Australia Has Reached New Heights in 2022, Let’s Recap

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2022 has by far been the busiest year. With offices and schools reopening, every individual and business has gone through a variety of ups and downs to get back to their routine. It was quite a challenging year for Dya too, but like everyone else, we pushed through and continued to achieve success beyond our […]

Encourage Creativity in Children with Visual Impairments? – Dya Australia

How Can You Encourage Creativity Amongst Children and Young Adults With Visual Impairments? Visual impairment can range in several different levels of sight loss. Everyone that has a visual impairment condition has their own experiences and tools they use to navigate day to day life. Imagine if you were partially or fully blind or even […]

Importance of Creativity in Classroom – Dya Australia

How can Dya equip your team of teaching staff to encourage and promote creative learning to their students? Young children are full of imagination and creativity, always exploring concepts new to them and questioning what they observe. If the world is spinning, why can’t I feel it? Why Are There So Many Languages in The […]

How Does Creative Training Dismantle Barriers?

How does creative training dismantle barriers? By Diti Avdar Yeger When we need to find solutions to new situations, and even though we really want to give the best of ourselves, we struggle to find solutions that will lead to our advancement. The dive into an unfamiliar field and the need to get acquainted with it, […]

Looking Onward and Seeing Inward – Dya Australia

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Looking Onward and Seeing Inward By Diti Advar-Yeger Since 1999 I have been practicing, learning, investigating, developing and facilitating an exercise as part of The Art Of Creative Thinking, with the aim of uncovering the potential of my inner resources.  As the sculptor carves into the marble to reveal the sculpture within, so it is with […]

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