Play with Clay

“Nature-Inspired Clay Crafting: Decorative Bowl Workshop.”

“My View” Workshop

Discover the fascinating process of translating ideas into captivating paintings with our guided workshop. Led by experienced artists, you will embark on a step-by-step journey to create your own distinctive interpretation of a beloved scenic view.

Paint and Sip: Acrylic Step by Step

Learn to paint with your teaching staff and bond over unleashing their inner artist. Experience an engaging and collaborative corporate team building program that combines artistic expression with camaraderie. Our guided step-by-step painting workshop is designed to inspire creativity and strengthen bonds within your team. In this beginner-friendly workshop, participants will be led through the […]

Reflections of Identity: Self-Portraits

This workshop will see student embark on an enlightening exploration of self-expression through the realm of art. Through the examination of self-portraiture, students will gain valuable insights into the power of artistic representation and how it enables us to express ourselves as individuals.

Pop Portraits: Unleashing the Power of Personal Expression

Inspired by the dynamic movement of Pop Art, this workshop will engage students in a thoughtful exploration of self-portraits. Through the lens of personal identity, students will harness their creative thinking skills to develop a unique “selfie” artworks that delve into the complexities of self-expression.

From Sketch to Masterpiece: Exploring the World of Painting

In this workshop, students will have a unique opportunity to engage with an accomplished artist who will guide them through the different stages of planning, developing, and creating artwork. They will delve into the ways in which artists express meaning through their own distinct artistic styles, unravelling the mysteries behind the creative process and gaining valuable insights into the art of painting.

Land of Lines: Dynamic Movement in Art

Join us on an immersive journey into the world of art as we delve into the captivating language of lines. In this workshop, we present an exhibition featuring the renowned artist Vincent van Gogh, where participants will have the opportunity to examine how he translates his observations of nature into artworks filled with expressive lines.

“My Scenery” Social & Personal Point of View

Taking inspiration from some of the most unique and creative minds throughout history, students will critically explore artistic invention and representation to develop flexible and lateral thinking.

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