Crafting Memories: Dya Australia’s Creative Journey at the Finders Keepers Design Market

Last weekend, the historic Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne was awash with artistic vibrancy and creative fervor as the iconic Finders Keepers Design Market, powered by Squarespace, unfolded its splendor. Amidst a sea of talented artisans and crafters, our dedicated team from Dya Australia™️, in collaboration with ClassBento, embarked on an inspiring journey. Our mission? To bring the power of creative thinking workshops to this creative epicenter.
Exploring the Finders Keepers Design Market: A Feast for the Senses
The Finders Keepers Design Market is a quintessential Melbourne experience. A place where artistic souls congregate to celebrate craftsmanship, creativity, and community engagement. It’s a treasure trove of unique finds, artistic expressions, and endless inspiration. Our team was privileged to be a part of this vibrant celebration, offering an array of creativity workshops Melbourne had never seen before.
ClassBento and Dya Australia™️: A Creative Force Unleashed
Our partnership with ClassBento signifies a commitment to making art and creativity accessible to all. At the Finders Keepers Market, we set up shop with a diverse menu of themed workshops aimed at nurturing creative thinking and artistic expression.
One of our standout workshops was led by the incredibly friendly and encouraging Tatiana. Participants had the chance to dive into the world of screen printing. The glowing reviews spoke volumes: “Tatiana was friendly, helpful, and encouraging. I liked that I had the option to try something new in screen printing and was really happy with the result. So glad that I chose to do this at the Finders Keepers Market.”
The sentiment behind this review captures the essence of our workshops – we provide a platform for individuals to explore their creative potential, encouraging them to try something new and leaving with a sense of accomplishment.
Laughter, Learning, and Community Engagement
Beyond honing artistic skills, our workshops were designed to foster a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences. The joy of creating together, sharing laughter, and experimenting with art was palpable in each workshop.
Another session that resonated with our participants was filled with laughter and learning. The instructor not only provided excellent instructions but also ensured a light-hearted atmosphere filled with shared moments. One participant summed it up, saying, “Great fun! Teacher provided great instructions, and we had lots of laughs doing it. Recommend!”
The affordability and accessibility of our workshops were also key components of our mission. Despite the relatively short duration of 90 minutes, participants appreciated the excellent level of instruction and the focus on fun and experimentation. One satisfied attendee praised the balance, stating, “For a 90-minute session, I thought the price and level of instruction was excellent. The focus was on fun and having a go which was perfect.”
A Tapestry of Creativity Unleashed
The spirit of creativity transcended boundaries as we dabbled in various artistic endeavors. A workshop focused on learning a new technique was a highlight, leaving participants with the sense that they’d experienced something truly special. One participant’s words encapsulated the sentiment, “Great teacher! Love the class and to learn a new technique. It was a great experience.”
Celebrating Artistic Adventure: A Workshop Full of Surprises
The Finders Keepers Design Market was not just a marketplace but a world of creativity where art and craft were celebrated in all their forms. Our workshops sought to unleash the artist within each participant and celebrate the shared joy of creating something unique.
We firmly believe that art is not just about the final product; it’s about the journey, the shared experiences, and the joy of trying something new. As we bid adieu to the Finders Keepers Design Market, we carry forward the spirit of creativity into new journeys, knowing that there’s always more to explore and more to create.
Artistic Vibes on the Horizon
Our time at the Finders Keepers Market was an adventure filled with creativity, inspiration, and shared moments. We are deeply grateful to have been part of this vibrant event, surrounded by talented artisans and a community that values and celebrates creativity.
With the echoes of laughter, the ‘aha’ moments, and the discovery of untapped talents, we set forth into new artistic horizons. Until we meet again, keep those creative vibes alive, and let’s continue to craft memories together. 
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