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 “Being an instructor at DYA was a stimulating, creative and professional experience.  I thank you for the inspiration, support and the humour. ” 

O.I, DYA Creative Instructor

“From you I learned a lot about myself.  Being a Creative Instructor at positively impacted and forever changed my career. ” 

R.C, DYA Creative Instructor

“Teaching Paint for Fun’s classes is honestly my favourite part of the week. It’s amazing to spend time with new and interesting people in a relaxed environment- and work together towards a shared goal.”

Mike, Paint for Fun Instructor

“The team at DYA is professional and provide exceptional, high-quality workshops. It made me feel I was part of something important and motivated me to continue creating” .

A.K, DYA Creative Instructor

Experiential discovery workshops for developing the Art of Creative Thinking.
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