The Dya Story

Originating in Israel, Dya was founded by Diti and Adam Avdar Yeger in 1999. In its early days, DYA ran an array of afterschool programs, camps and summer workshops for children and attracted youth from all over Israel and the world. DYA initiated dozens of collaborative community projects both locally and globally.

Our projects focused on diversity and multicultural partnerships: religious orthodox and secular society, gifted and talented children, those with learning difficulties, low socioeconomic families, multiculturalism and diversity, social periphery and more. The enduring echoes of these projects still resonate.

Around this time, Dya reached another impressive milestone when Diti was selected to deliver an original curriculum at the Israeli Ministry of Education’s Gifted and Talented Children Centre. As the originator of the Dya Art of Creative Thinking Model, Diti led a team of Dya instructors in piloting an innovative, creative education syllabus for gifted children in kindergarten to year 2. The curriculum was quickly adopted by select educational institutions and focused on visual-based creation as a tool to provoke focus, creative thinking and a trigger to uninhibited self-expression and deep internalisation.

As a creator and designer, Diti has presented at expos around the world. Amongst DYA’s many achievements, Diti notably designed the enchanting Children’s Illustration Library at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Revital Chai joined DYA Israel as an Art Instructor. She taught children as part of the “Young Artists” program and assisted Diti to deliver the curriculum for gifted and talented children. From the start, Revital’s passion for delivering inventive, high quality creative thinking classes was sparked. Several years later, it seemed her relationship with DYA may end when Revital decided to move to Australia. But, in a casual and fateful conversation, Diti brought up the idea of spreading DYA’s reach to Australia – and the seed was planted!

After taking the time to iron out the wrinkles and without further ado – we are proud and excited to welcome Dya to our Aussie shores.

Dya Australia actually started back in 2010, Israel.

Dya People


Revital Chai

CEO and Co-owner @Dya Australia

CEO Paint for Fun

Artist and Educator


Adam Avadar-Yeger

Co-owner @DYA Australia

Co-founder, owner and CEO DYA Israel

dya icon2

Diti Avadar-Yeger

Content & Creative Director @DYA Australia

Co-founder and owner DYA Israel

Experiential discovery workshops for developing the Art of Creative Thinking.
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